Easy management of digital

Create usage policies, centralized certificate lifecycles, and get detailed audits to maintain control and security of your certificates
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One solution for all your Digital Identity Management

Redtrust is a patented solution that answers all of the challenges presented by the day-to-day management of digital certificates in a simple and transparent manner.

Secure Identity Storage

Digital Identities are stored in a single controlled and secure repository so they do not travel across networks or devices.

Detailed audit and traceability

Organizations have complete control and usage traceability such as the Who, How, When, Where of all the certificate operations.

Theft and Data breaches

With the certificate not residing on the workstation this eliminates the risk of theft, also the certificate credentials can be revoked or canceled in the central storage location at any time.

Usage policies

Through an easy and efficient system of policies, Redtrust allows you to restrict users’ access to a certain number of certificates, limit operations with certificates to a specific number of pages or applications.

Additional two-factor authentication and time time control configuration are available to create an added layer of security.

Centralized life cycle management

Instead of manually applying actions to all individual workstations. It is possible to use the central administration site to send centralized actions to all workstations for which the actions may apply.

Transparent and secure integration

Redtrust’s complete cycle management is performed from a web browser and does not require any complicated client-side integration, making the user-experience totally transparent and unchanged while allowing the use of other local certificates that could be found on the workstation.

Compatibility with corporate solutions

Integration with the corporate credential system. Easy event logging on remote systems.

Among the services that we offer, our organisation is authorised to issue digital certificates, either for individuals or legal entities. We currently manage a volume of more than 600 certificates from our clients and the Redtrust tool is indispensable to us in order to maintain control and security over them.
Iris Domínguez

Legal Department, Tarinas Viladrich - Legal Sector

How Redtrust solves digital identity management

Former manual Digital Identity Management

A certificate copy is needed for as many machines and/or users use them. No control exists over the copies that can be made.

Certificates are found in a single secure repository, and not on the individual workstations.


The installation of a certificate requires sending it via a physical or electronic method, which exposes the certificate to theft and data breaches.

There is no transportation because the certificate does not reside on the machine where it is used.


Complex process that requires time and  technical or helpdesk action.

Granting a user the ability to use a certificate requires only one click.


It is not possible to establish policies of use nor is it possible to guarantee identity or authenticate a user.

Allows you to establish policies for total access control. User authentication is guaranteed.


It is not possible to audit use of the certificates.

Full record of all user and certificate actions.


In case of data or physical loss of an information system, a new copy of the certificate is needed.

The certificate is centralized and not found on a user’s machine.


In general, we know about a certificate’s expiration after it has already occurred.

System auditing informs us of the expiration in advance.


There is no way to guarantee the destruction of a certificate without a technical action to guarantee it.

The certificate is destroyed in the central storage location and in compliance with Federal Information Processing Standards(FIPS).

With Redtrust I have been able to share the certificate with my employees so that they can manage tax declarations themselves without risking access to proprietary aspects of the organisation. Previously, As the person in charge of the office, and due to the limitations of privacy in the management of the certificates, I was faced with the need to make all the tax submissions myself… which was a highly inefficient time consuming process
Sergi Pina

Managing Director - Consulting Sector

Redtrust is an essential tool for the management and control of your digital certificates.