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REDTRUST (Evolium Technologies S.L.U) would like to inform you that our website uses cookies. Cookies are files that are stored on the computer from which you access our website for the purposes described on this page.

Depending on the entity that manages the domain from which the cookies are sent and the way in which the data obtained is treated, two types can be distinguished: first-party cookies and third-party cookies. We use our first-party cookies and third-party cookies on this website.

There is also a second classification according to the length of time they are stored in the customer’s browser, which may be session cookies or persistent cookies. We use session cookies or persistent cookies on this website.

Finally, there is another classification of five types of cookies depending on the purpose of the data obtained: technical cookies, personalization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioural advertising cookies. In this website we use technical cookies, personalization cookies and analysis cookies.

If you wish, you can change the configuration. Below you will find information on how to do this depending on the browser you are using:

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