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Redtrust is the patented market leading solution used by hundreds of companies across sectors including banking, insurance, infrastructures and health.
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Simplify the management and control of your digital certificates

Redtrust is a self-contained solution that offers secure, controlled and centralized use of Digital Certificates to businesses. By doing so, helping to eliminate lengthy and costly processes along the way.


  • Assign credentials and define certificate usage policies
  • Prevent certificates from being exported
  • Revoke the use of a certificate with a single click
  • Monitor all user and certificate actions
  • Manage and control all types of certificates: Identity, Application, Server SSL
  • Sign your company’s corporate documents

One Solution That Fits All

Redtrust can be tailored to fit the needs of any client regardless of company size and sector and is available both on premise and in the cloud

HSM Redtrust

Physical Appliance

Hosted on-premise, certificates are stored and managed in a central server featuring HSM grade security.

Appliance Virtual Redtrust

Virtual Appliance

Readily available to be hosted, used, and controlled from your own virtual server infrastructure.

Cloud Redtrust

Cloud SaaS

Digital certificates are stored and managed from our secure cloud including all the appliance advantage.

Redtrust highly values customer satisfaction

Each day companies put their trust in us to help take control and manage their digital certificates in a transparent, secure and effortless way.

Redtrust, in its cloud version, is a solution that any company (including any individual) should have, it eliminates the complexity of distributing and using digital certificates and adds comprehensive control over what users can do with them. With Redtrust a certificate is only installed once and in one place and can be accessed by as many users as required.

Xavier Romeu

Head of IT

Redtrust Knowledge

All the information, tips and news about the world of digital certificates can be found on the Redtrust blog

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