Smooth effortless Integration with your systems

Redtrust uses REST APIs to connect and integrate with your corporate systems
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Control all your processes with one API

Through REST calls you can integrate your corporate applications thanks to our API. Many companies prefer to control all their processes from a single administration console, to automate their processes and maintain their own identity, with Redtrust you can do this.

The Redtrust API has allowed us to easily integrate the Digital Signature with our document flow through Web Services, from the signature request to its archiving within the records manager. The advantage of having a user-friendly API is that it doesnt matter how different our applications are when integrating Redtrust into our systems.
Manel Guerra

Director of Information Systems - Public Sector

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Redtrust REST API

With the Redtrust API solution the perfect integration between client and system is created.

Sign documents using the DSS standard

Taking advantage of the centralization of certificates, sign documents with the different profiles of XAdES, CAdES and PAdES and comply with the DSS (Digital Signature Service) standard of OASIS.

Redtrust also offers a Digital signature service that further facilitates the document signing process, where requests are processed by the DSS signature service, leaving everything centralized in a single point and in a transparent manner for the user.

Customize your personal area

Allow users to manage their own certificates, their identity and even their own signatures from any device using the REST API. You can create a space for users to use Redtrust adapted to the identity and needs of your enterprise.

Integrate Redtrust into your processes

Your servers can use the Redtrust API to automate processes, such as uploading certificates from your own AC or generating them directly on the platform, managing users from the Active Directory, uploading documents and creating signature requests from your own document manager.

Manage Redtrust from your Console

If you can manage it from the Redtrust console you can manage it from your own console. Thanks to the API we offer you can manage certificates, usage policies, users, signature requests, control and monitor all user actions and certificates. Manage your digital certificates through REST calls.

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