Centralized digital signature of documents and communications

With the digital certificates centralized in Redtrust you can digitally sign documents and communications guaranteeing the security and total control of each signing process.

Digital signature of documents

The guard of digital certificates in Redtrust allows the centralized digital signature of documents through three ways: online, through the DSS standard or through different corporate applications.

Sign your documents online with the Redtrust module: Signtrust

Sign documents completely online and with the centralized digital certificate, without the need to use a third-party software or application. With the Signtrust module it is possible to sign documents from any device and browser, without having to install the Redtrust agent.

Signing using the DSS standard through the Redtrust API

Thanks to our API you can integrate Redtrust in your corporate environment and sign documents with the different XAdES, CAdES and PAdES profiles, complying with the DSS standard. In addition, with the API you can automate processes such as mass document signing.

Sign with your corporate applications: Adobe, AutoFirma…

Sign documents of different extensions through different corporate applications. With your certificates centralized in Redtrust you can sign PDF documents with Adobe or AutoFirma, PowerPoint presentations or Word and Excel files, among others, ensuring the control of each process.

Digital signature of emails

Digitally sign your emails with the digital certificate centralized in Redtrust to guarantee your identity as a signer, thus combating the continuous increase of phishing attacks received by companies.

Configure your desktop email client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, to sign emails.

From the Redtrust console enable permissions for users to digitally sign their emails.

Monitor each email digital signature process that has been carried out.

Incorporate the centralized digital signature in your company

Control and secure each digital signature process performed by users thanks to the centralized management of your digital certificates in Redtrust

Global digital signature market to grow at more than 30% annually from 2022 to 2027

Source: MarketsandMarkets